John Couldrey
John CouldreyElectrical Contractor
John has been an Electrical Contractor in Mackay since 1992. He started his apprenticeship in the Marian Mill and has worked in other mills around the Mackay area. John enjoys watching V8’s and doing up cars (in his spare time)
Gayle Couldrey
Gayle CouldreyOffice Administrator
Gayle works in the office of the family business. Gayle has many years in administration. Gayle enjoys Yoga and spending time with family and friends.

Our Valuable Team Members

AnnieTest Administrator
Annie is in charge of the testing and has many years in administration. Annie enjoys watching AFL.
Steven Electrician
Steven started his apprenticeship 2007 and is now a qualified and very experience electrician. Steven enjoys softball and volunteers to help the club.
John N
John NElectrician
John N is a qualify electrical and our testing guru and has been with JCE since 2010. John N enjoys fishing and camping.
Paul is a qualify electrician and has been with JCE since 2015. Paul enjoys fishing and camping.
BenApprentice Electrician
Ben apprenticeship in 2012. He enjoys fishing in his spare time.